Whether you’re having a backyard barbeque for friends and family, organising a play date for the kids, or planning a year-end corporate event, you can add colossal fun with Inflatable Water Park that are sure to get everyone up and playing.If you prefer less spirited, yet still competitive games, Gumtree has giant board games such as Chess, Checkers, or Jenga but if you’re ready to go all out and show your fun, competitive spirit, check out these larger than life Inflatable Games to get family and friends together this summer.he old game of "Red Light, Green Light" comes alive with renewed energy when kids play it in an inflatable. Upon shouting "red light," everyone bouncing must freeze. After someone shouts "green light," the jumping frenzy can resume. The person directing the jumping can also give additional instructions such as having the children bounce like frogs, kangaroos, or even have them pretend to be popcorn!The event returns to the Alerus Center for another great year, with all events held under one roof. Celebrate the Night includes entertainment and activities for all ages. Food and drink will be available throughout the evening. The Alerus Center will have concession stands open for the event. They will have a variety of sandwiches, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase. Wristbands for entry to the event are on sale at Hugo’s and Valley Dairy stores in the Grand Forks area. Advance cost for the wrist bands are $5 for all ages. The wrist bands will be $8 at the door. Advanced price wrist bands are also available online here. Search for Celebrate the Night. Print your receipt, bring it along on New Year’s Eve, and receive your wristband at the door.

Perched on the northernmost ridge of the Coteau des Prairies, where the breathtaking view is second to none, prairie farms and fields unfold from below like a patchwork quilt. You will find yourself at home at our rustic, yet refined lodge, constructed with native North Dakota pine. With custom log and steel architecture, you will be awed at every turn, from our magnificent great room to our signature lookout. In the pasture surrounding the lodge, where our cattle graze, you will find a new kind of relaxing vacation. Created and operated by a farming family, the lodge atmosphere embodies the legacy of the multi-generational farms from our area. From our warm country welcome and hearty homemade meals to our outdoor expeditions and hands-on farming fun, your rural experience comes alive! One way to have fun in the summer heat is by cooling off in the water, and one way to have fun in the water is with these great Inflatable Games. There are several different categories of Inflatable Games including games that require some sort of target or basket to throw something in, games you can play on and games you play against other people. Some of the more popular types of inflatable water games are the ones in which you toss a ball or ring into a basket. These can include water basketball, which will have some kind of floating basket, either a central one, or two-sided. They also come in a variety of sizes from small to large. Of course, the object of the game is to get the ball or ring into the basket to score points.


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These games can be played one on one or in teams with rules that the players decide on in advance. Not only can these games provide lots of fun in the water, but they’re a great way to get exercise as well. Another Inflatable Car Bed with a floating “target” is water darts. Obviously it wouldn’t be safe to throw real darts in a swimming pool, especially if your target is inflatable, so these games usually involve a floating target with Velcro that will hold Velcro balls you can throw at it. In the category of games you can play in teams, water volleyball is one of the most popular games to play in the pool. The net is usually attached to floating poles so that each team can arrange themselves on either side and play a water version of this popular game. In the category of inflatable water games that you can play on you can include water slides.